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Bullet Santi

NDF Amrit Jara

NDF Amrit Jara

Approx. Rs 180 / Pack


Amla (Indian Gooseberry)rich source of antioxidant called Ascorbic Acid aids in Tissue Repair

 (Dried form of Ginger)contains ShogaolsAnti-Tumor properties

 – TurmericNevertheless, to say the Magical Curcumin acts as Natural Antibiotic

 /Mangosteen/Garcinia Indica Contains Garcinol Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Inflammatory

Distributor: 10pkts and 50pkts

NDF - Veggie Oats Soup

NDF - Veggie Oats Soup

Approx. Rs 200 / Pack

Drumstick/Moringa Olefiera contain a Natural Glycoside called Niaziridin and Niazirin potential antibiotic towards Gram Negative Bacteria like E. coli.

/Palak /Spinacia Oleracea contains Chlorophyll aids in Wound Healing. 

OATS /Avena SativaOats contains Dietary fibre called Beta Glucan imparting Cardiovascular Protection

Distributors: 10pkts and 50pkts

Additional Information:

Bullet Driven Santi

Bullet Driven Santi
The regular occurrence of drought in Saurashtra region of Gujarat has forced the farmers to look for a replacement for bullocks for carrying out agricultural operations. The reasons for the change has been driven by the fact that fodder for the draught animal is very scarce in the area and regular famine is making it impossible for the farmers to feed the bullocks. Also slowly the farm laborers are moving toward cities making it difficult for farmers to find people who could harness the bullocks and plough the fields. Shri Mansukhbhai Jagani, an innovative artisan, was approached by the villagers to look for an alternative that could not only save labor but can speed up the process of farming also.

Mansukhbhai thought of utilizing the Enfield bullet - a powerful motorcycle commonly used in the region. He decided to convert the petrol motorcycle into a diesel one driven by a 5.5 H.P. engine.The motorcycle was then provided with an attachment replacing the rear wheel. The attachment can have various kinds of tools attached to it for farming, inter-culturing and sowing operations.

Features :
Raw material :
Iron sheet, Iron angle, "C" channel, differential gear box and motorcycle having 5.5 HP diesel engine.

Machinery / Equipment :
The production of Bullet Driven Santi can be carried out in a normal size fabrication unit having facility of welding machine, drill machine, hacksaw machine, cutter and other normal machinery & tools required for normal fabrication work.

Status of technology (Not Commercialized / commercialized / in production :
The technology is yet to commercialized. The production is being carried out by the innovator himself at Mota Devaliya villages of Amreli district in Gujarat. Innovator is trying to meet the demand but due to limited resources, he is unable to meet the demand in time.

Minimum economic unit and total investment
Minimum Economic Unit: 120 units per year
Total Investment: Rs. 3,00,000/-
(Rs Three Lacs only)

The total investment does not include technology cost. Technology cost will be linked with the geographical area in which the entrepreneur is interested for commercialization of the technology.

However, cost of the technology for the state of Andhra Pradesh has been calculated, which comes to Rs. 1,75,000 only (Rs. One Lac Seventy Five Thousand). Please see attached sheet for detailed calculations.

Technology Transfer methodology
We offer the technology by two ways i.e Exclusive and Non-exclusive rights of manufacturing and marketing against the monetary gain in form of one time down payment basis. The amount is depending upon the geographical boundaries like district or state level basis. The offer would be given to the interested entrepreneurs after personal meeting and consultation with him. GIAN would act as a nodal agency for technology transfer right from negotiation to the final agreement and its follow up.

Calculations in the attached sheet represent cost of the technology only for the state of Andhra Pradesh.
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